Toby Whithouse Interviewed

Toby Whithouse is the creator of Being Human – not to mention the man behind this week’s Doctor Who, The Vampires of Venice! He’s been interviewed by SFX recently, in which he describes the episode as being “like a 45-minute movie.”

The Vampires of Venice - Doctor WhoTalking about how nice it is to not have to do the whole showrunner thing like he does on Doctor Who, Whithouse – who also wrote 2006’s School Reunion – also describes how the his story was originally going to feature the Doctor in a labyrinth, a plot that was subsequently decided to bear too many similarities to other episodes.

Whithouse gives the interview a nice overview of The Vampires of Venice.

“The episode is set in 1580 which is five years after the plague – the plague hit Venice three times, and this is about five years after the middle time, when tens of thousands of people died. And so consequently just the merest mention of the plague will the city with absolute horror, which made it easier for them to close themselves off from the world and seek refuge.

“The main villain in the episode, played by Helen McCrory – who is amazing – uses this fear to her advantage, to close the ports and the harbours, to suspend trade with the outside world, so she can go about her evil machinations.”

The Vampires of Venice airs on Saturday night at 6pm on BBC One and BBC HD – if you haven’t already, why not read our exclusive preview, or view the stills gallery?

Or if you’d prefer, Outposk Skaro have a more in-depth quite spoilery review


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