Vampires on Location

Doctor Who - The Vampies of Venice stars Matt Smith and Karen GillanThe Vampires of Venice is attracting a certain amount of press attention this week, mainly due to the Hammer-esque vampire girls seen in trailers but also due to this Doctor Who episode being filmed abroad, in the Croation coastal town of Trogir.

There’s a very good reason for using Trogir as a double for Venice:

“Trogir was under Venetian rule for so long,” explains guest star Helen McCrory between scenes. (From 1420 to 1797, in fact.) “The chapel that we filmed in was absolutely the period that most of Venice was built. We also shot in front of medieval buildings that would have looked like Venice, but the real Venice has since been altered. The architecture here is stunning – people come from all round the world to see it.”

Spoiler-sensitives (Sharils?) should tread carefully before encountering the next paragraph.
The Vampires of Venice apparently features some CGI monsters that The Telegraph describes as “really top-notch” (although our own preview would disagree).

That leads to a rather bizarre sight in a quaint alley in Trogir, with Darvill and Gillan filming a scene in which they fight a monster that isn’t there. In the final cut, the CGI monster will be superimposed. But for now, Darvill is squealing and lashing out, pinned on his back on the ground by… thin air. “It’s really strange, but I’m kind of getting used to it on this job,” says Gillan.

Elsewhere, BeeHiveCity used a newcomer to Doctor Who to review the episode. So, you get spoilers and embarrassing ignorance, plus this dialogue exchange between the Doctor and Rory:

“I tell you what, you’re a lucky man … she’s a great kisser” The Doctor tells Rory “it’s funny how you can say something in your head and it sounds fine.”

Later, at an inopportune moment, they continue their banter:

“She was frightened, so she kissed me.”

“And you kissed her back”

“No” says Matt Smith with exquisite dead pan delivery, “I kissed her mouth.”

Catch The Vampires of Venice this Saturday evening, 8th May at 6pm on BBC One and BBC HD.


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