Who Would You Choose?

Vote for your Doctor Who Prime Minister!It’s General Election day here in the UK – but what if your choices to rule the country weren’t Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Nick Clegg?

What if they were John Lumic, Sil or Davros? What if Mr Saxon was genuinely standing, or Mr Finch of the Krillitane?

Today, we’re giving you the chance to vote for your choice of Doctor Who villain to become Prime Minister of Great Britain!

Read the testimonies below, and let voting commence!

John Lumic – zillionaire creator of the Pete’s World Cybermen, Lumic is a sickened, decrepit character desperately trying to cling on to life and power at all costs.

Sil – if there is a profit to be found, this slug like beast will find it, make it and maximise future revenue by at least 100%

Davros – creator of the Daleks, calling Davros insane is like calling Venice “damp”. His fascist policies are unrivalled throughout time and space, and he certainly has no time for immigration.

Mr Finch – the most progressive of all candidates, Finch’s Krillitane Party hopes to transcend the basic physical forms and unlock the secrets of the universe.

Mr Saxon – Harold Saxon is of course the Master, and after a previous successful campaign and landslide victory his short tenure ended with the live-on-TV execution of the President of the USA.

Fice candidates, one vote – make it count!


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