Bid on Art, Save a Life

Here’s an auction we feel you should know about, because it’s for a good cause and it rings close to home here in the Kasterborous Towers.

The Art for Hearts auction is an annual event designed to raise money for organ transplantation research where children’s book illustrators and others award pieces of their artwork to the highest bidder.  This year’s theme is Doctor Who, and many well-accomplished names have come forward to donate to the success of the occasion.

Doctor Who artwork by Anthony DryParticularly of note is Anthony Dry, the man responsible for the current design of the Kasterborous website, whose work has also appeared in Doctor Who Magazine, the boxes of Big Finish stories, and the DVD sets for the new series.  He has contributed three signed prints to the auction, which you can view here, here, and here (and to your immediate right).

Andy Walker (who we interviewed recently), a veteran of the 2006 Doctor Who Annual, has submitted this excellent signed print of action shots of the Eleventh Doctor with some Pertwee-era Silurians, on which he comments:

“Interestingly I chose to feature the Silurians long before there were any whisperings on the internet about their return in the current series!”

Autographed prints of fantastic concept illustrations of the Master’s laser screwdriver from The Sound of Drums and the spaceship that served as the setting for 42 have been provided by their creator, Peter McKinstry (interviewed here in 2005).  Both are exceptional works and are highly valuable as they soar directly from the behind-the-scenes production of our favourite programme itself!

If you’d prefer something a little more custom-made, then bid high for the Pete Wallbank (interviewed in 2005) lot, a commissioned piece that can be whatever you like!  If you’re the winner of this first item to be sold, not only will you get a finished product of your choosing from a successful originator of Doctor Who book, video, and magazine covers and calendars, but you’ll also receive any of its preliminary sketches; an excellent bonus considering you’d only be paying for the final piece.  An example of Wallbank’s abilities can be found here.

Also look out for creations from visual effects designer Mike Tucker, book and video cover artist Colin Howard, digital book cover designer Lee Binding, and Doctor Who Magazine illustrator Adrian Salmon.  All in all, quite a remarkable collection of artwork from all corners of the Whoniverse has been gathered for what is certain to be a highly successful endeavour!

One hundred percent of the proceeds is to be put to organ transplant research at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.  Auction organiser Ian Stacey explained to us why such studies are important and necessary:

“Although transplants do save lives they are not a cure as these organs age more quickly than non-transplanted organs. Furthermore, the drugs needed to suppress the immune system do take their toll on other organs.”

Helping to find a cure and/or improved drugs is a particularly important goal for Stacey, whose family has experienced the life-saving benefits that organ transplantation is able to offer:

“My young son’s life was saved following a heart transplant at the hospital.”

Anyone who participates in this auction is supporting a very noble cause, and the high bidder on any sold item will take away not only a rare and ingenious piece of art, but also the knowledge that they’ve helped keep someone alive through an organ transplant.

The auction begins on 4 July, the first day of National Transplant Week.  More information about Art for Hearts can be found at its blog or its Facebook group.

Patrick Riley


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