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According to overnight figure reports, Doctor Who drew an audience of 5.46m (26.3% audience share) to BBC One on Saturday as Cold Blood concluded the two-part adventure begun with The Hungry Earth.
It also seems a good chunk of viewers tuned in to BBC HD – total overnight figures indicate an audience of 5.7m, 27.2% of the audience share.

Doctor Who - Cold BloodAs reported by GallifreyNewsBase, the episode attained an Audience Appreciation Index score of 85, a high score indicating that the episode was well-received.

Press reviews have been favourable – except in the case of The Telegraph, where 1993 Mastermind winner Gavin Fuller makes constant comparisons to Doctor Who and the Silurians.

Not helping either was Matt Smith’s Doctor in the crucial scenes when the two sides come together, for his portrayal lacked gravitas and conviction and was altogether too light-hearted when it was crying out for the seriousness that Pertwee brought to a similar situation 40 years ago

The Guardian is much more positive, while acknowledging similarities with the original Silurians appearance in 1970. I like their speculation on what might happen between Amy and the now forgotten Rory.

Presuambly the engagement ring will be his way back: all trace and memory of him might have been erased, but sitting in the time machine is a tangible piece of Rory Williams’ life story. Although if he does find a way back, he’ll have to seduce Amy Pond all over again. There’s another year’s worth of story in that…

Away from the mainstream media, SFX have likened Cold Blood to South Park – namely through the repetitive killing of Rory, who you may recall “died” in Amy’s Choice.

The one thing this season has been lacking is the sort of emotional intensity Russell T Davies delivered on a regular basis (now that I’ve got used to it I miss crying at Doctor Who, damn it!) and boy, does this deliver.

Rory’s tragic death and the shocking reveal of what the Doctor’s pulled out of the crack elevate this episode after an opening 35 minutes that is entertaining but unremarkable.

Elsewhere, one of our favourite blogs, flickfilosopher, speculates on what might truly be going on in Doctor Who this season. We won’t divulge that here, but MaryAnn Johanson has a great insight into how things might develop – and how things are working on-screen.

Maybe it really was Amy and Rory on the hill in the beginning of the previous episode, so that it could be demonstrated here that things actually can change very dramatically. (Oh, poor Rory: “We were on the hill. I can’t die here.” Clearly, he can.) 

Finally, Den of Geek has provided a great summary of former Doctor Who companions that have died, including one or two that didn’t thanks to the Doctor’s intervention.

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