“Discs that melted your brain”

Not content with scaring children’s imaginations on Saturday nights Steven Moffat took Dalek and Cybermen sentries to Gavinburn Primary School in Old Kilpatrick, West Dunbartonshire, yesterday to scare up publicity for the second episode of the Doctor Who: Adventure Games.

Doctor Who boss Steven MoffatThe Doctor’s foes patrolled the school yard and posed for pictures with awed children before Moffat settled down to a Q&A session from pupils at the school and others frantically emailing in from others around Scotland.

The event was chaired by Gillian Penny, Head Teacher at Gavinburn and Moffat’s sister, to whom from a young age he would read Doctor Who stories to:

“He wrote stories about spheres and discs that melted your brain and that went on for quite a number of nights. He also made a film, Doctor Who meets Sherlock Holmes, in which my sister Vicki and I played the main parts.”

Moffat said he was consciously using memories that scared him as a child in his vision for Doctor Who:

“I’m always saying Doctor takes place under your bed and at the back of your bedroom cupboard. It’s not like Star Trek. There is something very domestic, even when it’s big and mad.

“If menace really does seem like it could visit your bedroom that’s much more frightening than thinking it’s on the planet Zedron.”

The Grand Moff revealed that the crack in the wall from The Eleventh Hour comes directly from the bedroom of his ten year-old son Louis’s bedroom.

While he believes in the fairytale quality of Who Moffat stressed that the Doctor should never be horrible himself – something he hopes that the no guns policy in the show and second game episode Blood of the Cybermen contributes towards.

“We couldn’t have a violent Doctor Who game. He couldn’t be running around with a gun, that would be unacceptable. It’s about problem solving and getting away from things.”

The game which available to download from the BBC Website on the 26th June (Mac users will be able to do so on the 30th June) sees the Doctor and Amy materialise in the Arctic where members of a survey team have been turning from flesh to metal as a familiar foe lies under the ice – check out gallery of images from Blood of the Cybermen.

Meanwhile, The Big Bang airs this Saturday at 18:05 on BBC1 and BBC HD.


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