False Alarm – Smith Wasn’t Naked

It was many a fangirl’s (or boy’s) dream come true when Matt Smith finally gave us a look at the Doctor’s naughty bits on last Saturday’s episode, The Lodger.

Doctor Who - The LodgerExcept he didn’t.

A report from Digital Spy announces Smith’s response to accusations (or hopes) of his bearing all by means of a split-second towel drop in James Corden’s flat:

“They give you these modesty trunks, they call them, or something. They are flesh-coloured trunks and I’m afraid I was wearing them. [Fans] definitely didn’t see more. It goes out at 6.45 on a Saturday. It wouldn’t be proper.”

Disappointed?  Maybe this will cheer you up – Smith has indicated that, should the need arise in a plot, he’d be perfectly willing to strip down to this – erm – swimgear in Doctor Who again.

“Oh, it’s fine.  I’ve done it before and I’ve just done it again afterwards. It’s absolutely fine. It’s always a bit odd because you’ve got sort of 40 people looking at you in your modesty shorts. But I think part of acting is about making yourself feel vulnerable and that certainly does it so, you know, maybe it’s doing something right.”

Who knows?  Perhaps, if you’re lucky, his clothes will fall through the crack when The Pandorica Opens tomorrow at 6:40PM on BBC1 and BBC HD!  And then they’ll never have existed in the first place!  As long as the bow tie stays, so be it.

Patrick Riley


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