Four Weeks Out of Sync?

More not-so-great news, ladies and gentlemen of North America.  The Doctor Who Blog has projected another possible one-week delay in the Doctor Who run on BBC America, which will affect Canadian viewers on Space as well.

While inconvenient for ardent Whovians abroad, the break would be slightly more justifiable than last time’s mid-season marathon, as it would occur on July 3rd, the weekend of Independence Day in the United States, when people are more likely to be hosting backyard barbecues and watching fireworks than flipping through channels.  Thus, in the US at least, a high ratings opportunity would, in theory, be missed if Doctor Who aired on this particular Saturday.

As for the legitimacy of this report of a possible four-week difference between the initial airdates of Doctor Who in the British Isles and North America, a quick hop over to the TV schedule at the BBC America website can confirm… nothing.  At the time of this writing, the information about broadcast times for any program only extends to July 2nd, the day before The Lodger, which will be the next episode to be played by then, is forecast to not air.

However, a look at the schedule on the Space website depicts the regular Saturday Doctor Who slot to be mysteriously absent on July 3rd, with Men in Black II in its place.  Moving over to July 10th, the following Saturday, The Lodger has been awarded the usual Who spot of 9PM eastern time.

Thus, it seems that Canadian fans are definitely out of luck because their downstairs neighbors are throwing a party that they weren’t invited to.  And Americans who aren’t celebrating a bunch of signatures that made them free will most likely experience similar discomfort, as no one should feel left out.

But look on the bright side!  At this rate, if you’re a North American who isn’t cheating, you won’t be feeling The Big Bang until July 24th, which gives you extra time to speculate about everything that’s going on in the season!  And considering all the mysteries that surface after the most recent episode you’ll have seen, Cold Blood (believe me, you thought it was mind-boggling now; it only gets crazier!), you’re definitely going to appreciate the bonus hours days weeks of trying to figure out what’s happening!

The next episode in Canadamerica will be Vincent and the Doctor, starring Matt Smith as You-Know-Who, Karen Gillan as a scaldingly hot Scottish chick (in other words, herself), and Tony Curran as Vincent Van Gogh.  It’s set to air Saturday, June 26th at 9PM ET on Space and BBC America.

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