New Monsters to Come!

According to Digital Spy, the next episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will feature wholly original monsters for the Doctor to face, rather than an old foe that he’s come across before.

Doctor Who: The Adventure GamesExecutive Producer Charles Cecil spoke about the new creatures “canon” within the Doctor Who universe:

“We had it one way or the other. One is that we’ve created creatures that could never be done in a million years on telly, or the other is create monsters that actually could be done on telly, so that it could go on telly.

“Because right from the beginning there’s a sense that this is very much part of the canon, Piers [Wenger, the show’s executive producer] said there’s not 17 episodes, it’s 13 episodes and four interactive episodes, so we’re always seen as part of the canon.”

He also mentioned that the next episodes would retain the same formula of game play as City of the Daleks and Blood of the Cybermen with one parts of the game involving stealth and parts involving exploration. Also, he cryptically hinted that gamers may finally get the chance to control the good ship TARDIS themselves:

“I’ve got to be very careful, but all I can say is that wouldn’t it be cool to, as the Doctor, to be able to control the TARDIS and do all sorts of cool things with the levers and launch it and everything. And it would be, and I’m talking hypothetically.”

Some of you may remember the abysmal 1997 Doctor Who PC game Destiny of the Doctors, in which (playing an amorphic blob) you could pilot the TARDIS to different time zones to help the Doctor. Although game was bad, there was a certain excitement you could gain from powering up the TARDIS console yourself so here’s hoping that (if they do it) the BBC do it better this time!

City of the Daleks and Blood of the Cybermen are available for free download from the BBC’s official Doctor Who website now, to all users in the UK.


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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