Please, Sir, Could We Have Some More?

Reports are finally beginning to surface about the possibility of continuing Doctor Who: The Adventure Games once the scheduled quartet has been fully released!

Doctor Who - The Adventure Games, Blood of the CybermenWhen Digital Spy asked him about the possibility of four plus more, the BBC’s Iain Tweedale responded,

“We’re talking about it, yeah. Obviously we’re seeing how this goes, but we’re all very pleased with that.  It really does depend on how the others do, and what the commissioners think abut what we’re going to achieve.

“It’s really about things like bringing in the wider audience as well as the hardcore gaming audience, and we’ve done some research that suggests we are actually hitting those people, which is great.”

The series’ executive producer, gaming legend Charles Cecil, is all for an Adventure Games extension:

“I think it would be great to see more. Obviously that’s for the BBC to decide, [and] I think probably a little bit more adventurous in terms of the puzzles.”

One downside is that Cecil’s statement may imply that the puzzles and activities of the remaining planned installments will not be much more creative than the first two.  This could be a sign of repetitive game play, which would likely be a major turn-off for many participants.

Doctor Who - The Adventure Games, Blood of the CybermenHowever, thinking beyond the two episodes that are left, Cecil commented,

“Most of the people who would play a second one would have played the first one so they now know the grammar of how these games work.

“If we were going to do more, it probably would be a little more tougher in the adventure department. Not contrived, but just a little bit more challenging in that sense.”

This is excellent news; who would want to have to sit through a tutorial level every time a new Adventure Game is released?

The first episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, City of the Daleks, is available here for PC and Intel-powered Mac users in the UK.  Part two, Blood of the Cybermen, can be found here for the PC-sporting British, with the Mac version to be made available this Wednesday.

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