Richard Curtis on Doctor Who

The new Radio Times – on sale today – features an interview with Vincent and the Doctor writer Richard Curtis, whom they describe as “Doctor Who writer Richard Curtis in the Radio TimesKing of RomComs” following his success with films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually.
According to Richard Curtis, Doctor Who is the Hamlet of the television world. A pivotal, career-making role, to be reprised over the years with different actors, always the same, and yet metamorphosing radically with each new incarnation.

The article discusses how Curtis, that nice chap who made Hugh Grant into a superstar and Bill Nighy (who appears in Vincent and the Doctor) into a pin-up, who made us hoot at Four Weddings and a Funeral in the cinema and Blackadder on the telly, has at last been corralled into Camp DW.

Not that Curtis, 53, was a childhood addict:

“No, I wasn’t very dedicated. I seem to remember I liked the Master more than the Doctor, strangely enough.”

He says his decision to write an episode was more thanks to the nagging from his four children, now aged from 14 to six.

“My kids absolutely love it. We all watched the Christmas special two years ago and my children said I had to do one. Scarlett, our eldest, pointed out that while I’d always promised I would write a children’s movie, by the time I do, she won’t be a child any more. And the great thing about telly is how swift it is by comparison with films.”

Fans of the series will know that the “Curtis Episode” – starring Matt Smith as the Doctor - uses a storyline about Vincent van Gogh – the idea for Vincent and the Doctor has apparently been in Curtis’s head for a long time.

For the full interview, get a copy of the new Radio Times, on sale from today


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