Roberts Praises Matt Smith

In keeping with the ‘Young body, old personality’ praise for Matt Smith in recent weeks, Gareth Roberts, writer of Saturdays episode, The Lodger, has thrown his two cents in on what Matt brings to the role of a 900-odd year-old time traveller.
Matt Smith and James Corden in Doctor - The Lodger

“I love him. It’s peculiar – we’ve got the youngest actor ever to play The Doctor but in some ways he feels like the oldest sometimes. If you look back, the older Doctors from way back – William Hartnell, Jon Pertwee – could be incredibly childish sometimes. With Matt’s Doctor, you really do feel as if he’s 900 years old, which is an incredible acting achievement.”

Roberts also heaped praise on hate-magnet and acting icon bully James Corden, who plays the Doctors flat mate on Aickman Rd where people go up the stairs, but never come down.

“James has got great depth as an actor, which I think people have forgotten, there’s a lot going on there. And because he is purposely ordinary, there’s always a risk that he could be played as too ordinary, but James has made him into an extraordinary ordinary man.”

Roberts whose Doctor Who CV includes The Shakespeare Code, The Unicorn and the Wasp and Planet of the Dead, co- written with Russell T. Davies, believes that there is not much difference between Davies and new head writer Steven Moffat.

“They both come from different places as writers, but at the same time the both love Doctor Who. It’s hard to say. I’ve seen the strange mixture of panic and pride on both their faces and I saw the stress passing slowly from Russell to Steven as the months went by! But really there’s not a terrible amount of difference in approach.”

Read the full interview with Gareth Roberts on Digital Spy.


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