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Don’t get me wrong – SFX is a superb magazine!  But sometimes it can be cruel, especially when it decides to watch every new episode of Doctor Who before we do!

Doctor Who - Vincent and the DoctorAs if that weren’t enough, it’s once again teasing and tormenting us with not ten, not eleven, but twelve spoiler-free clues about the next episode, which this week is entitled Vincent and the Doctor, and features The Doctor and Amy in an adventure with Vincent Van Gogh.

The first point may be one of the most interesting to ponder as you watch tomorrow:

“In some ways it’s the most unusual Doctor Who episode ever – never has the show been less plot-lead and more character-led”

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly up for an unusual episode… but then, isn’t nearly every episode unusual?  That’s what makes the programme so fantastic!

From the looks of SFX’s preview, this should be a fairly thought-provoking story and not without and impact; it calls the opening sequence a “blinder,” and implies that you may need your tissue box at the ready next to your remote, stating that in parts of the episode, emotions run high.  Also,

“There’s a major story element that some will decry as a massive plot hole and others will embrace on a metaphorical level.”

Sounds a lot like the final episode of American import Lost.

It seems that the TARDIS will play a significant role this week, as multiple clues provided by SFX directly relate to our favorite time-and-space machine.  Apparently it gets redecorated, and will serve as the subject of a repeated inside joke in the episode aimed at hardcore fans.  Will we finally get to see the other parts of the TARDIS that the Grand Moff has suggested might surface since the beginning of the season?

And another thing – keep your eyes peeled for a surprise appearance from two past Doctors, including one who has already appeared twice this season!  If you’ve been watching carefully, you’ll know who that one’s going to be right off the bat.

If you want some reviews or spoilery previews of the episode outside of SFX, try Blogtor Who or our very own James Whittington’s Kasterborous preview.

Vincent and the Doctor stars Matt Smith as the Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy, and Tony Curran as Vincent Van Gogh.  See this potential work of art tonight at 6:40PM on BBC1 and BBC HD!

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