Blimey! Purchasing your very own Type 40 Time Lord vessel is quite an expensive endeavour these days.

You may recall that last week we told you about Bonhams’ Entertainment Memorabilia Auction, a sale taking place in London and featuring props, costumes, and more from all corners and time periods of the Doctor Who kingdom.  Now we bring you the results:  Christopher Eccleston’s TARDIS traveled through a £10,800 vortex on its way to the highest bidder’s doorstep!  That’s over £2000 more than the lowest estimate!

The two 1960s Daleks – the Hartnell/Cushing shell that is the oldest one known to be around and the battle-scarred Evil of the Daleks model – sold for £4800 each.  While these mutant exteriors were correctly estimated to go for about the same price, they both exceeded the high end of that predicted sale by £1800!

Meanwhile, the Cyberman helmet from Moonbase and Tomb of the Cybermen exceeded Bonhams’ calculations by an even greater margin; it’s high bidder laid down almost £4000 more than the auctioneers had projected for a final sale of £7800!  That’s only £3000 less than the EcclesTARDIS, and is definitely too low a price for such an important part of Whoniverse history and what has the potential to be the crowning jewel of the coolest Halloween costume in the neighborhood!

Other highlights include a full-size-replica TARDIS console from the 1970s stolen for £900 and an exhibition K-9 going for £1200.  So, if you were looking for the parts to build your own TARDIS like the one above James Corden’s flat in The Lodger, all you had to do was show up at the Bonhams auction with £12,900 in order to match the combined sales of Eccleston’s spaceship, a control panel so you could fly it, and a tin dog to keep you company!  For the price of an automobile, it is indeed possible to have the whole of time and space to travel to at one’s discretion.

Have a look at the full list of the Doctor Who items at Bonhams and their sale prices here.  In the Start at Lot No box, type in 126 and hit Search.

Patrick Riley


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