The Big Bang Roundup

That’s it folks; and as the Doctor, Amy and Rory disappear into the vortex ready to collect their tickets for the Orient Express, there’s just the small matter of rounding up the uniformly excellent  reviews of the finale The Big Bang.

Doctor Who - The Big BangDisregarding where you stand on the ethics of reviewers ripping quotes from peoples Tweets the Metro turned to the webs water cooler, Twitter, to gauge the reactions of fans typing as the credits scrolled up the screen.

“TabithaBurch summed up the general mood, when she tweeted: “Dr Who made me cry, but it was so good!

One thing which fans particularly enjoyed was the Doctor’s dancing. Sazzyness said: “Loved the finale of Dr Who, but loved his dancing even more & talk about a drool moment when he watched the wedding dance!!!”

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Den of Geek called it the best finale since the series returned and, like us all,  are counting down the days until Christmas.

“And heck, off the back of the series we’ve just sat through, and how confidently and intricately it was all knitted together, we can’t wait to find out more. As it stands, we now have the agonising wait for Christmas, which may or may not involve the Orient Express, outer space, and an Egyptian Goddess. Right now, we wouldn’t care if it involved paint drying on the wall.”

In contrast The Telegraph, again utilising the knowledge of 1993 Mastermind Champ – with the programme as his specialist subject – Gavin Fuller, called the two part finale a ‘curate’s egg’ that failed to match up to the previous year’s spectacular thrills. Fuller also had a few suggestions for Matt Smith for the next season.

“With Smith seemingly comfortable in the part and beginning to make it his own – even if he could cut down a bit on the larkiness on occasions – hopefully things can go to strength to strength over the next year.”

The Guardian’s series blog drew to a close with a self congratulatory pat on the back, calling itself the first to propose that there were two Doctors in Flesh and Stone. The paper heaped deserved praise on Moffat;

“Anyway, this was brilliant, wasn’t it? So brilliant that praising Moffat’s event-scripts is giving me repetitive strain. Structurally, it was a completely different piece from episode 1 and felt more like a classic Who adventure – the team got separated, ran around a bit, found each other, exchanged heroic technobabble and had a jolly excellent time along the way, end of the universe or no end of the universe.”

According to overnight figures The Big Bang had an audience of 5.1 million viewers. 4.6 million tuned into BBC 1 with an additional 0.5 million watching on BBC HD. Despite the gorgeous weather across the UK, the programme was the second highest rated of the day and the highest on BBC 1 beating Casualty by over  a million viewers.


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