The Big Bang Ties The End of Time

As further proof that the 31st season of Doctor Who went from brilliant to downright awe-inspiring, Digital Spy has reported that the climactic thirteenth episode, The Big Bang, received an Appreciation Index score of 89!

Doctor Who - stars Matt Smith and Karen GillanThe Appreciation Index is a measure of how much an audience fancies a programme, where any score between 80 and 85 is considered good and above that is regarded as excellent.  Only two Doctor Who episodes this year have fallen below 85 and been seen as merely “good;” Victory of the Daleks and Amy’s Choice both scored an 84.  Otherwise, every 2010 episode from The End of Time Part Two to The Big Bang has achieved at least 85, with the second part of The End of Time and The Big Bang shaking hands in a draw, with both episodes at 89.

This is solid evidence that Steven Moffat not only can make as good an ending as Russell T. Davies; he has already done so, with his rookie season finale scoring equally as high as Davies’ forever finale!

Here’s a breakdown of the AI scores of every episode so far this year, positioned in the order in which they placed (or for ties, the order in which they aired), courtesy of GallifreyNewsBase’s excellent score-keeping!

Victory of the Daleks – 84

Amy’s Choice 84

Cold Blood – 85

The Eleventh Hour – 86

The Beast Below – 86

Flesh and Stone – 86

The Vampires of Venice – 86

The Hungry Earth – 86

Vincent and the Doctor – 86

The Time of Angels – 87

The Lodger – 87

The Pandorica Opens – 88

The End of Time Part Two – 89

The Big Bang – 89

Another interesting tidbit to note is the fact that most of the two-parters this year had a better-liked first half, but The Big Bang blew up the mold and rocketed its way to the top of the list!

Just in case you were curious, Doctor Who’s highest-ever AI score was 91, a number awarded to both The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End.

Is the AI accurate?

So, did they get the above order correct?  Which particular episodes from this year do you think are better than the others?  How would you arrange the list?  There’s plenty of room to let us know in the comment section below!

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