The Crack is Coming…

NASA detect crack in space

Did you ever wonder why things happen? I mean the things in your everyday life, little moment or large ones; do they mean anything?

Yesterday I thought it was today and the day before I thought it was a few days before that. Not that big a deal but it really can mess with your perception of existence. So when I see things like this, it really makes me wonder about reality.

11,000 light-years away from our humble homes here on the planet Earth, in the constellation Sagittarius, there lives what can only be described as a crack in space. In time, who knows, but space, it sure looks like it.

And if you have been following Doctor Who this year like I know you have then you will know what this means. Or at the very least that it isn’t a good thing. Coincidence? Or did the Who production team have a look into the future? Did Steven Moffat sit down in 2009 at his computer to write this series and think that it was 2010? Did he happen to be surfing tomorrow’s Internet and catch a glimpse sent back through wibbly wobbly, timey whimey ways?

On June 4th 2010 the Daily Galaxy reported the news that NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope caught a picture of this crack constellation of Sagittarius and all the Internet was soon agog by the news.

To make matters worse (as I said I can’t seem to get my head straight about what day I am living and I now find that my favorite show has bled into reality) is the fact that this Saturday, THE Saturday that we have all been waiting for since Matt Smith’s first series of Doctor Who began, just happens to be the same day that Amy and Rory were meant to be wed.

June 26th 2010.

Why is that so strange you say? “Surely Steven Moffatt planned this date months in advance” you say? Well yes, but did he plan for my cousin to have her wedding on the very same day the universe was meant to end?

Surely this can not be a coincidence? Could this crack in space be affecting our lives and the future of our world and we don’t even know it? Well, I’m convinced. Now then, what day is today again?

(Congratulations Lesley and John! May you have a long life together!)

(Via Sci Fi Wire)

Brian A Terranova


Doctor Who and me go way back. I first discovered it on my local PBS Station WHYY in the suburbs outside Philadelphia when I was a young kid; though I am uncertain of the exact age.

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