“The Doctor can take it!”

Steven Moffat, Executive Producer and head writer of Doctor Who (aka The Grand Moff), has tooted his own horn a little by stating that The Big Bang, the 2010 Doctor Who season finale, is the best episode yet!

Steven Moffat, Doctor Who writer and executive producerWhile the Doctor Who genius remained a closed book within regards to details of what happens in the episode, he promised that fans would not be disappointed.

“The Doctor is trapped inside a prison from which even he can’t escape. Amy Pond is dead. Rory is plastic. River song has been blown up in the TARDIS, which [itself] has been blown up and destroyed every sun in the universe. I think any other hero would be in a pickle but I think the Doctor can take it.”

And how right he is, although things have really never looked bleaker for the Doctor. Name any other episode where the stakes have been quite this high (okay, The Stolen Earth had a massive cliffhanger but at least it was one ridiculous thing at a time).

Moffat also commented on what it felt like once the first episode of his “era” had aired and some of the pressure was lifted from his timey-wimey shoulders:

“The pressure lifted quite recently. When Matt Smith’s first episode went out and Matt and Karen became the toast of the nation, I thought ‘well that’s a relief’. Because up until that point I was thinking ‘well, I could be a novelist at the end of the year’.”

It was never going to happen Steven; the new series is truly brilliant.

The Big Bang airs on Saturday 26th June at 6.05 on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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