The Other Doctor Who Games

You might well be gearing up for Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, which launches this weekend with the first installment, City of the Daleks – but do you recall any of the previous games starring our favourite Time Lord?

Destiny of the Doctors – 1997

Beyond a slightly redundant Top Trumps release for Nintendo Wii and DS in 2008, the last time anyone released an original Doctor Who game was in 1997. PC game Destiny of the Doctors featured Anthony Ainley as the Master, voice acting by Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy as various incarnations of the Doctor (although due to rights issues, no sign of Eighth Doctor Paul McGann), as well as various companions such as Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier and a marvellous selection of multimedia throughout (not least the clips of Ainley).

With criticisms about the gameplay (you play Graak, charged with saving the 7 “complete” incarnations of the Doctor) and the difficulty level, Destiny of the Doctors sadly wasn’t well-received, although there is plenty to please the hardcore fan thanks to a script by Gary Russell. Take a look at this clip of Anthony Ainley as the Master:

Dalek Attack! – 1992

Available for several 8 and 16 bit computers, in particular the Amiga, Dalek Attack! featured the Seventh Doctor and Ace engaged in very un-Doctor-ly Dalek-killing behaviour. While Destiny of the Doctors could be described as a classic thanks to all of the multimedia packaged within, Dalek Attack! is much more of a missed opportunity, not least because the QA was so poor many discs that shipped were corrupt.

Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror – 1985

Available on the older 8 bit machines, Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror featured the Sixth Doctor paired with a feline robot called Splinx. A sequel was released by publishers Micro Power called Doctor Who 2, but despite some solid platform fun, neither game is highly memorable.

Earlier games include the text adventure The Key to Time in 1984, and two BBC Micro games, Doctor Who: The First Adventure (1983) and Doctor Who and the Warlord (1985).

Given the series’ history and wealth of subject matter, it seems strange that there hasn’t been a greater video gaming presence for the Doctor. Luckily, fans have stepped up on several occasions, creating mods for several major first person shooters such as Doom and Quake checkout for Doctor Who mods, as well casting your eye over this older mod attempt for Doom 2.

Doctor Who Doom Mod


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