The Story on Mori

Time for everyone to heave a collective sigh.  The Sun really isn’t very bright; in fact, it’s more of a black hole, sucking in all the important news and replacing it with irrelevant garbage featuring everyone’s favourite media faces!

Former Torchwood star Naoko Mori plays Yoko Ono Lennon opposite former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston in a new BBC biopicOne of the tabloid’s latest “reports” discusses Torchwood actress Naoko Mori, who, as Kasterborous contributor Meredith Burdett mentioned a week ago, will appear totally garment-less alongside Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston on the BBC4 broadcast of Lennon Naked this week, a fact the Sun makes quite a point of drawing attention to.

The impossibly short snippet of information from the Sun makes Mori appear to be a drinking, panicking wreck, referring to her as “terrified” about taking off her clothes for the camera and making the statement,

“She admitted she was so nervous she drank half a bottle of Tequila before the 8am shoot.”

While an interviewwith Mori published earlier this month by the Daily Record can confirm this…

“But I did have a tequila at eight in the morning on an empty stomach just to get me through it.”

…the Sun’s spin on the story attempts to strip her of more of her professional dignity than any nude filming sequence ever could, painting a picture of an insecure actress afraid to do her job.  In reality, she’s just another human being who, like many of us, would prefer to maintain her modesty whenever she can.

Our advice?  Don’t follow this link to read the Sun’s blinding tale of nothingness, because that would just give the website the hits it needs to stay in business.  You’d only be feeding the monster.

However, if the Sun is to be trusted (a word that is used loosely), there is one interesting noodle that surfaces from its stew of rubbish:

“She said she had not ruled out a return to Torchwood as Tosh Sato, even though her character was killed off.”

She would certainly be welcome back!

Lennon Naked airs Wednesday at 9:30PM on BBC4 and BBC HD.  Find out more information about the programme on the BBC website.

Patrick Riley


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