Vincent at the BFI

The BBC has released a wonderful plethora of information regarding this Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who – in fact, it may be the largest accumulation of Vincent and the Doctor facts you’ll ever find, apart from actually watching the episode itself.

A Double Feature!  Well, Really Just the Same Thing Twice…

Doctor Who - Vincent and the DoctorFirst, the British Film Institute (BFI) gave a double screening of the episode Wednesday, with writer Richard Curtis, director Jonny Campbell, lead actress Karen Gillan, and producer Piers Wenger participating in a Q&A session following both shows.  Also, an appropriate move considering Vincent and the Doctor centers around an artist, BFI Southbank served as a small museum yesterday for pieces of art, costumes, and props from Doctor Who’s past.  As if that weren’t enough, if you were in the BFI’s main foyer on Wednesday, you would have discovered members of the Doctor Who crew on hand to answer many of your questions about the making of the series.

You can have a look at this synopsis of yesterday’s events, which also provides a link to the Vincent and the Doctor trailer, as well as four videos that were created and posted throughout the day – more on those below.

Behind the Scenes of Behind the Scenes

As early as 9AM, before the BFI’s Vincent and the Doctor premiere had even started, Doctor Who officials were present to set it up.  In this video, you’ll find costume designer Ray Holman dressing mannequins with the Doctor’s tweed-and-bow-tie combination, Amy’s skirt and scarf, and the peacock-shaped collar worn by Helen McCrory (Rosanna, The Vampires of Venice) as part of his preparations for last Wednesday’s exhibition.  Ben Morris of the art department will show you such props from the next episode as Van Gogh’s paintbrushes, the Doctor’s suitcase, and that bizarre gizmo we’ve all seen the Doctor sporting in the previews for the episode, which Morris describes as a “lovely bit of design.”

Amidst the controlled chaos, event co-ordinator Amy Oakes hurriedly explains the entire set-up process of the day’s activities:

“[We’re] just putting the last few pieces in place.  Putting up some more posters, getting all of our art department props in place.  We’ve got not very long to go before our guests start arriving, so… hang on a moment… Oh!  I’m being called!  Gotta go!”

Catch the video at the BBC website, or if you’re not from the British Isles, view it here.

Doctor Who - Vincent and the DoctorWho Needs Angels?  We’ve Got Amy!

As midday approached for the BFI team, Karen Gillan decided to show up.  You’ll see in this video both clips from the Vincent and the Doctor trailer, and a brief interview with Gillan who provides a short summary of the story and rates its quality on a scale of 1 to 10!

In the video’s accompanying synopsis, the BBC event team gave some insight about the fans (who by now have arrived) and their interests regarding the show:

“We’re asked about Daleks, Weeping Angels, the series finale and, and… And suddenly we’re of no interest because as dozens of fans exclaim, ‘It’s Amy Pond!'”

Alternatively, you can watch here.

Look out for more news on the BFI screening throughout the afternoon.

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