World Famous! Or Getting There…

As modern Doctor Who keeps improving with each successive season, so grows its international renown!

One of the latest mentions of the programme from a place other than the UK stems from the United States.  More specifically, the CBS nighttime broadcast, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, featured an interview recently with fellow TV personality Chris Hardwick where, in between cracks about Harry Potter, Comic-Con, and robots, a few words about Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Karen Gillan were uttered.  Beware: some of the remarks made in the video below may not be entirely family-friendly…

Alternatively, you can watch here or see what BBC America has to say about the clip here.

It’s always pleasant to see our favorite show acknowledged in the general media elsewhere in the world.  A few more nods like this and awareness of Doctor Who will increase so dramatically that before we know it, its worldwide ratings will outdo anything Simon Cowell has cashed-in on.

But what’s with this behaviour from Hardwick suggesting that women have no interest in Doctor Who?  Perhaps it boils down to the fact that often in America, the show is regarded as something that only socially outcast males can enjoy and is therefore to be avoided at all costs.  Either that or people are turned off because they think it’s strictly forty-five minutes of sci-fi and involves none of the comedy, drama, or scares that we all know are there.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, in the show’s homeland of Britain, oftentimes a larger gathering of women are glued to their screens than men!

Or was that only when David Tennant was incumbent?

What do you think?

Is Doctor Who a show more geared towards men, women, or both?  Ladies, this is an excellent time to speak up!  Also, where do you reckon Doctor Who is headed in relation with the rest of the planet?  The comment section below needs some love!

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