Art For Hearts: Lee Binding

Moving away from drawings and paintings this week, the Art for Hearts charity auction has unveiled its latest lot: an autographed print of a book cover proof from Doctor Who digital designer Lee Binding!


The cover is designed to wrap around Doctor Who: Starships and Spacestations, which is a self-described “Gallery of Spacecraft from Across the Universe.”  Well, the Whoniverse anyway.  But when you consider that the Doctor, his TARDIS, and all the monsters he encounters are in fact real, I suppose you can say that the spacecraft in question are indeed a part of our own universe.

But you wouldn’t be getting the actual book if you win this one, only the cover.  But hey – the cover is signed by the bloke who arranged it, so that’s something you don’t see every day, right?  If you want to buy the actual book, so you can rip off the cover and replace it with your auction prize, I hear it’s going for £5.20 on Amazon these days!  May this cooler and more authentic cover spend its time successfully “Binding” your book for years to come!  (Sorry, I had to.)

To bid, click here, and you’ll find yourself on eBay.  Deadline is 1 August.

Keep an eye out for more of Lee’s covers in the future of this auction!  Ian Stacey said on his blog for the cause,

“Artist Lee Binding has kindly donated six publisher proofs to books [featuring] his fantastic digital artwork covers.  Each of the proofs is signed.”

Which means that if you don’t win this round, you’ll still get five more chances to own a signed print of a Doctor Who book cover!  As for this particular piece, Stacey mentions:

“Doctor Who – Starships and Spacestations measures 38.5cm x 24.5cm.”

So it’s only slightly smaller than your average magazine cover.  Not bad if you’re looking to frame it and hang it up on your wall!

Art for Hearts, which you’ll know of by now if you’ve been following us for a while, is an auction of Doctor Who art that sends all of its proceeds to the research of organ transplants.  To keep the interest in each individual piece of art, one painting, sketch, book cover, or other creative medium is sold every week, and this is the fourth week of this year’s event.  Last week’s sale was the first of three Alister Pearson prints of a painting of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, which met an owner for £26.00!

Browsing through the blog, I’m counting at least 23 works that remain to be sold, which amounts to 23 more weeks of the auction, or just over five months.  You’ll know it’s over when we cease to report on it after the first week of January!  I treat it with humour, but the auction really does have an excellent purpose.  Think of all the money a total of (at a minimum) 27 weeks can raise!  Hats off to Mr. Stacey!

Patrick Riley


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