Attack of the Cybermen

The exploration of the characters darker side, to which we were first exposed as poor Peri was strangled following his regeneration, is an ongoing theme throughout the Sixth Doctor’s tenure, though we see more Jekkyl than Hyde as the season wears on and he settles from his post regenerative stress. This ultimately culminates in the unveiling of the Valeyard during Trial of a Time Lord, who we are told is the Doctors penultimate incarnation. We can assume therefore that the traumas of his current ‘near death’ experience and the effect on his character, have synergies with those he will encounter near the end of his lives.

Despite an apparent head start, the Doctor and his companions are somehow ambushed aboard a conveniently unlocked and heavily disguised TARDIS and forced to set course for Telos. Queue a rather baffling sequence where the Cyber Controller, devoid of any human emotion, sends Peri off to get changed into something more suitable, before their arrival on the frozen planet. I mean, do Cybermen really have favourites? Only I don’t recall them giving Adric a crash helmet before aiming him at the Earth.  What next – Slitheen handing out air fresheners? Weeping angels handing out matchsticks?

Doctor Who - Attack of the Cybermen

Anyway, to the dismay of the Cyberleader, the TARDIS materialises slightly off course within the Tombs. It is here we are presented with our next big question, as a deranged incumbent bursts from his resting place; how have the entombed Cybermen kept pace with the latest Cyber fashions? I’ll leave you to ponder that one…

Back in the underbelly of Telos, the Doctor meets the Flast, a Cryon who finally reveals the Cybermans latest plot – to prevent the destruction of Mondas. They intend to use a stolen time machine to send Halley’s Comet colliding with the Earth, disabling its defenses and leaving it open to attack from Mondas the following year. We also discover that Lytton has been working with the Cryons from the outset and, back on Telos, he and Griffiths unite with partially converted escapees Bates and Stratton to prevent the Cybermen from leaving the planet.

Doctor Who - Attack of the Cybermen

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