Attack of the Cybermen

As the tale concludes, Flast resolves to condemn the Cybermen to their fate on accepting her own, while at Cyber Control, we witness one of the most graphic scenes in the programme’s long and illustrious history. As Lytton defies the Cyber Controller, his hands are grasped by two Cybermen, who crush them till they bleed as he collapses to the floor; unjustified – possibly; unnecessary – probably. Following closely behind, we see Flast captured by the Cybermen who proceed in throwing her into the warm corridors where her blood boils – but not before placing the Doctors Sonic lance into a box of Vastial, which will slowly lead to the detonation of the planet.

As it slowly warms, the Doctor –  now reunited with Peri and her Cryon captors – head for the TARDIS. Following a deadly exchange with the Cybermen, Peri convinces the Doctor to save Lytton and the pair set off for Cyber Control – but they are too late. A final violent exchange sees a partially converted Lytton attacking the Controller, who is gunned down by our gun wielding Timelord. As Lytton lies dead, the Vastial ignites, destroying Cyber Control – “I don’t think I’ve ever misjudged anybody quite as badly as I did Lytton” laments the Doctor.

What works:

Some great dialogue:

“I suddenly feel conspicuous”  remarks the Doctor, “I’m not surprised in that coat” retorts Peri.

“….. I am known as the Doctor. I’m also a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous.” – Nice plug!

Terrific locations, great sets and wonderful direction – atmospheric from start to finish.

What doesn’t:

Strewn with violence, this was a major departure from the shows history and something that happily ended with the Sixth Doctor’s tenure.

Cryons taking on the Cybermen – full stop!

The Doctor’s aggressive use of weaponry – never before, never again.

A Cyber Controller with a weight problem – it sticks out like a Dalek with a bulging bottom – as if that would ever happen!

Doctor Who - Attack of the CybermenOverall

Utterly reliant on fantastic direction and historical references to cover up for numerous plot deficiencies. A completely transparent attempt to win back the Die Hard fans after a shocking end to season 21, with a host of nostalgia and a body count John McClane would be proud of– but I loved it!

Overall Story Information:

Story Title: Attack of the Cybermen
Production Code: ?
Writer: Paula Moore (Eric Saward)
Director: Matthew Robinson
Script Editor: Eric Saward
Length: 2 episodes (44 minutes)

Colin Baker –  The Doctor
Nicola Bryant – Peri Brown

Ordering this story:

Attack of the Cybermen was released on DVD in 2009 – you can currently purchase from Amazon for just £5.93!

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