(Big) Bang Goes the Theory

Doctor Who - The Big BangDry, tired eyes? Shakes? Trouble sleeping?

If you’re suffering from any of the above, chances are you can’t quite reconcile the events of The Big Bang with reason, logic, or what Doctor Who has already taught you about time travel.

You’re not alone. There are thousands like you, and as a result Den of Geek have pulled together an exhaustive (put it this way – you’ll have no trouble sleeping…) list explaining various quibbles that fans have had with the 2010 finale.

In fairness to Steven Moffat, the majority of these quibbles can be explained away by simply paying attention to the episode, but kudos to Den of Geek for taking the time to present the facts.

If a big long article isn’t quite what you had in mind, meanwhile, why not try this great graphic illustration charting the timelines of the Doctor, Amy, River, Rory, the TARDIS and the Stone Dalek?


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