Celebrity Doctor Who Fan?

Doctor Who - The Ark in Space starring Tom Baker and Lis SladenWell, I say celebrity – here in the UK, Wil Wheaton is still seen as the badly-conceived Wes Crusher kid from Star Trek: TNG.

However, there’s no need to be unkind to the actor himself; Wheaton is a fan of Doctor Who, it seems, and not necessarily the new stuff.

Digital Spy reports that grown up Wes Crusher actor Wheaton – soon to be appearing in Eureka on SyFy – has been chilling out watching some quality classic Doctor Who online.

Thanks to Twitter, we now know that Wheaton has got taste:

“I’m so tired, I’m staying in tonight to relax and watch classic Doctor Who on Netflix.” he wrote. “Up first: The Ark In Space.”

It’s a great choice – The Ark in Space stars Tom Baker as the Doctor, with Lis Sladen as Sarah and Ian Marter as Harry. From Baker’s first series, the adventure sees the travellers separated from the TARDIS and on board a spacecraft orbiting Earth, in which the last survivors of the planet sleep… along with a few alien Wirrn!

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We should also add that Wheaton later observed:

Symptoms of sinister green bubble wrap infection include extreme overacting, dramatic posing, and Shatneresque speech patterns.

Does he have a point?


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