Dalek Plans to Capture Vintage Aircraft Revealed!

News is reaching Kasterborous of further diabolical designs by the dastardly Daleks. Not content with invading village fetes,  the sociopaths from Skaro are now planning a show of force at the Fleet Air Arm Museum. Presumably they’re still miffed at being whupped by laser-toting Spitfires, and are planning to wreak their inimitable havoc on historic aircraft and visitors to the Somerset attraction. The assault is planned for the 7th and 8th of August.

Daleks at Fleet Air Arm Museum Our intel indicates that the alliance formed between alien races in order to incarcerate the Doctor may still be holding – it appears that the Daleks will be supported by Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and Ice Warriors.

Should visitors to the Museum survive an encounter with the Daleks, they may just get the chance to get their photo taken under the legendary Concorde with the aforementioned aliens, along with Davros and Miss Hartigan. We’ve also been advised that K9 voice artiste and bear impersonator John Leeson will be on hand, alongside former wrinkly wheelchair user David Gooderson.  Our sources seem quite adamant about Miss Hartigan’s involvement, but at this time we are unable to confirm whether M&S aficionado Dervla Kirwan will be hypnotising unwitting punters with her sultry tones.

Should you wish to form a resistance movement, you can find full details of the Dalek invasion here, and there’s also a scary flyer to be distributed to the people.

Your intrepid Kasterborous correspondent will make every effort to join the fight, and will report in due course, should he survive. Chocks away, and tally-ho!

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