Everything That’s Evil (And Counting)

If you’ve been on any Doctor Who fan or news site during the past week, then you’re likely already aware of the Guardian’s ambitious goal of compiling a list of every single villain, monster, or general antagonist ever to appear in the televised part of the franchise.

In a thus-far analysis of the project that’s worth a read, the Guardian’s Simon Rogers shares,

“I’m not sure the Guardian Datablog has ever had an article re-tweeted on Twitter more than 200 times in 10 minutes before.

“It spread around the Doctor Who web faster than a Cyber battle fleet; the comments on the article now read like the ultimate distillation of Doctor Who knowledge.”

Most of the comments pertained to the enemies that the list still lacked: The Zarbi from The Web Planet, the Zygons from Terror of the Zygons, the Silurians and the Sea Devils.  The Guardian has since listened to many of the firestorm of comments you’ve given them, and has updated accordingly.  The aforementioned enemies have all been added to the database, as well as Lady Adrasta of The Creature from the Pit, the Anti-Matter Organism from The Three Doctors, Aukon from State of Decay, Axons from The Claws of Axos, Bannermen of Delta and the Bannermen, the Blowfish from the Alliance in The Pandorica Opens, and the most important Doctor Who enemy of all time:  the San Francisco street gang that felled Sylvester McCoy in the TV Movie!

Sadly, we have no complete record of all the baddies who have been added to the now 238-creature-strong force, so other than those foes we’ve already discussed, most of which we figured out by contrasting the two images below, it’s difficult to say who else is there now that wasn’t before.  We’re now saving records of each update, so that in the future, starting with the next version of the list to be made available, we’ll be able to tell you exactly how many monsters have been added and which ones they were!

In the meantime, have a glance at this visual of the number of enemies that have been thrown in the boat, courtesy of Many Eyes:

Here’s what the compilation looked like before the update:


And here it is now:


And just think – they still haven’t named ’em all!

Who’s Left?

Take a look at the new database, and tell us in our comment section who’s missing, for conversational purposes.  Then leave a comment here or a tweet @guardian informing the makers of your findings!

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