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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, City of the Daleks

Fantastic news for international Whovians – Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is now available to everyone who isn’t on the British Isles!

Head over to IGN’s Direct2Drive website and you’ll find that the price of the bundle – which includes both City of the Daleks and Blood of the Cybermen, has been slashed, at least temporarily, from the Joystiq-reported $4.95 (£3.24, for the curious British) to a mere $3.70 (£2.42)!  At $1.85 (£1.21) per game (though they are not sold separately), we’re looking at a pretty good deal here!  While they’re not free, for those of us who don’t pay the ultimately-more-expensive license fee, the pair’s listing of less than two dollars an episode is not bad at all!

One possible catch might be the price of future installments.  The Direct2Drive listing of the bundle essentially suggests that City of the Daleks comes free with every purchase of the package of two, meaning you’d just be paying for Blood of the Cybermen.  Bump the price back up to $4.95, and assume the 3rd and 4th titles will be released individually, and we’re looking at a potential $10 total cost of the rest of the series.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - Blood of the CybermenIt’s still not bad, when you consider the price of other game series with an episodic format.  The long-running franchise Sam and Max, for example, goes for $9 per episode on Steam (a service that the the makers of The Adventure Games should seriously consider if they want to further-expand their audience and collect more cash).

The other, less speculative catch applies to the Mac users who aren’t in the UK; specifically, if you fit that category, you can’t play it.  This could lead to a somewhat disgruntled contributor named Patrick Riley annoyed with the fact that he is a foreign Apple-thumper.  If you’re like me, hold your questions – Joystiq is attempting to contact the staff of Direct2Drive with inquiries about the Mac Adventure Games and we’re doing the same.  I think it’s time to play the space-watching game.

But enough of all the gloom!  If you’re not in Britain and are a PC user, it’s time to celebrate with a few jolly rounds of sans-violence Cyber-smashing and Dalekstermination!  Get your games here!

If you’re still undecided as to whether you’d like to spend your money on these, have a look at the Kasterborous reviews of City of the Daleks and Blood of the Cybermen.

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