Grand Cowardice

Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat has revealed that his dark creations are the product of his own cowardice.

The Weeping Angels, Vashda Nerada and cracks are all down to his own unreasonable fears of the mundane!

Doctor Who boss Steven MoffatAs you might know, Steven Moffat was interviewed by his son Joshua recently in a video uploaded to YouTube. The 5 minute video features plenty to talk about, including Moffat’s own thoughts on his public perception – including the idea that he spends his time looking for things to “turn scary”.

“People say that about me, that I just go around looking for things to make frightening,” Moffat said. “But I think it’s actually that I’m just a very, very big coward and I look at things and I’m genuinely frightened of them.

“I’ve always been frightened of statues and shop dummies. Pretty much anything can frighten me, which is why I don’t watch scary movies like The Exorcist.”

Moffat’s honesty is refreshing – in fact if you watch the clip, you find a very personable and engaging chap, quite unlike the dour, dry Scot of his public appearances…


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