Ianto’s Dead: Get Over It!

One man publicity blitzkrieg John Barrowman has told AfterElton that fans need to let go of former Torchwood’s ‘general support officers’ death and look forward to (Group) Captain Jack’s future sexual escapades.

Torchwood's Ianto Jones. Dead.Asked about his reaction to fans who felt ‘cheated’ by Ianto’s death at the hands of the 456 in Children of Earth , Barrowman replied;

“Get over it. I know that’s harsh but comes a point where you have to move on with the story. We had to do something that would create a massive drama and we didn’t discuss it because everyone was happy with it and that was just it. But who knows what will happen in the future – that’s John Barrowman speaking speculatively – nothing has been said.”

In the aftermath of Ianto’s death AfterElton, who placed him as third in the top fifty best gay and bisexual TV characters (in a list topped by Jack himself) responded to hurt readers comments, reassuring them that Writer/Executive Producer Russell T. Davies, like Joss Whedon before him, was not toying with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) fans affection for beloved gay characters by murdering them.

The gay website published a rebuttal (and its well worth a read) that saw Ianto’s death as a sign that LGBT fans and characters were leaving behind their television roles as victims.

John Barrowman on Torchwood 4Barrowman believes that fans need to trust the show and look ahead to its bright new, international future:

“I can understand why people would feel that but just trust us. Jack will still be Jack and we will not put him back in the closet and people should let him have other relationships. I for one am excited by Captain Jack’s future.

I remember I tweeted a couple of weeks back announcing the new series of Torchwood and from all the replies I got only one person said that they were not going to watch it because Ianto wasn’t going to be in it, and I suspect that he probably will still watch!”

The all round entertain has also found time in between, acting, writing, performing,  judging and presenting to watch the first episode of Series Five of Doctor Who;

“I thought it was very sweet and I am looking forward to catching up with the rest of the series on my iPad when I can.”

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John can currently be seen in wish grant-a-thon Tonight’s the Night on BBC1 at 8pm this Saturday.


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