Doctor Who has conquered the BBC’s iPlayer for a third consecutive month.

June’s figures show that the final four episodes of the season dominated the listings despite a live and catch-up  TV service boost from the 2010 World Cup.

BBC iPlayer features episodes of Doctor WhoTop of the list was The Pandorica Opens with 1.3 million requests followed by The Lodger, Vincent and the Doctor and The Big Bang all with over a million requests.

The highest non-Who programme was skidding great bloke-a-thon Top Gear with 0.88 million requests.

During June, Doctor Who had 6.35 million requests in total, shared between 13 episodes, just behind grim-geez-a-thon EastEnders which had 7 million requests for one of the 22 episodes available.

Figures for the year so far give Doctor Who the top nine places in the download chart with The Eleventh Hour topping the list with a record-breaking 2.16 million requests.

Top iPlayer requests January – June 2010

    1 – Doctor Who 1 The Eleventh Hour – 2.16m
    2 – Doctor Who 2 The Beast Below – 1.63m
    3 – Doctor Who 4 The Time of Angels – 1.52m
    4 – Doctor Who 7 Amy’s Choice – 1.51m
    5 – Doctor Who 3 Victory of the Daleks – 1.46m
    6 – Doctor Who 5 Flesh and Stone – 1.40m
    7 – Doctor Who 12 The Pandorica Opens – 1.33m
    8 – Doctor Who 6 The Vampires of Venice – 1.32m
    9 – Doctor Who 11 The Lodger – 1.29m
    10 – Top Gear Series 14 Episode 7 – 1.26m
    11 – Doctor Who 8 The Hungry Earth – 1.22m
    12 – Outnumbered Series 3 Episode 1 – 1.16m
    13 – Doctor Who 10 Vincent and the Doctor – 1.13m
    14 – Doctor Who 9 Cold Blood – 1.13m
    15 – EastEnders Live 19 Feb – 1.13m
    16 – Doctor Who 13 The Big Bang – 1.11m
    17 – Outnumbered Series 3 Episode 2 – 1.03m
    18 – Outnumbered Series 3 Episode 3 – 1.00m
    19 – Mock the Week Series 8 Episode 5 – 0.95m
    20 – Doctor Who The End of Time Part 2 – 0.94m

The higher standing for earlier episodes is because they have been available from transmission date until July. The later episodes should receive a boost when July’s figures are announced.

According to Worldtvpc, iPlayer received 86 million requests for TV programming across all platforms including PC, Mobile, Consoles and requests from Virgin Media during June. The overall figures where down when compared with the previous month but up on last June’s anaylsis.

Demand for the World Cup resulted in a 4% increase in Live viewing and a growth in the number of people using the service for TV at roughly the same time as normal TV viewing, although there was more daytime and late-peak time use.

(Via Gallifreynewsbase)


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