Matthew Waterhouse in DWM

The current issue of Doctor Who Magazine (424) has an exclusive, rare interview with 1980s companion Matthew Waterhouse, who played Adric.

Doctor Who Magazine 424 features interview with Adric actor Matthew WaterhouseWaterhouse is releasing his memoir, Blue Box Boy, and has taken the opportunity to speak with DWM for the first time since 1995. It is a fascinating interview, apparently conducted via telephone by Benjamin Cook late one night in May, and confirms Waterhouse as an avid Doctor Who fan from an early age (“‘I was obsessed,’ he acknowledges”) as well as seeing him recall his early letter to Doctor Who Weekly.

Waterhouse would later go on to become a TARDIS stowaway companion at the end of Full Circle, travelling with the Doctor until his demise in Earthshock.

The interview itself tells us as much about Waterhouse as it does the transition period of Doctor Who that he found himself working on, refers to a (wrongly, according to Waterhouse) rumoured affair with Anthony Ainley, and to be honest it paints pretty much everyone involved in the show at that time in a pretty bleak light.

However Waterhouse is refreshingly honest:

Matthew often found himself being the wailing wall off which Lalla’s [Ward, Romana actress and future wife of Tom Baker] misery could bounce.

“I’m not sure she was confiding in me; I think she was making remarks to me because I just happened to be there. And sometimes she said it loud enough that I thought she was saying it principally for Tom’s [Baker, Fourth Doctor actor] ears.”

This is something that bodes well for Blue Box Boy: A Memoir of Doctor Who in Four Episodes, and this proves to be the magazines best article since the 2009 double-issue interview with Tom Baker.

Doctor Who Magazine 424 is out now!


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