New Torchwood Writer?

A recent Kodak moment sprang up among former Who producers Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner, a Dalek, and American television writer Bryan Fuller, all of whom happen to be across the Amy Pond right now.

TorchwoodFuller, who is linked with such stateside hits as Dead Like Me, Heroes, and Pushing Daisies (all of which, interestingly enough, were canceled after at least two seasons, despite the oozes of sheer awesomeness emanating from the third), has the potential to be, if he isn’t already, a massive Doctor Who fan, considering the sci-fi nature of his work.

TV Overmind’s Sam McPherson puts into words what you’re likely wondering yourself at this point:

“So what was Fuller doing with Davies and Gardner? I’d absolutely love it if they were working on something together, but chances are, they were just hanging out. Fuller’s Twitter caption of the photo, “Battling Daleks with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner,” certainly lends credence to the latter option. However, I’m still holding out hope that maybe the former is true.”

Were Davies and Gardner honestly just chatting with a fellow industry member?  Or were they in pursuit of a new writer for Torchwood?  As the old entertainment-news-website saying goes, watch this space.

Who Else?

And while you’re watching it, drop a comment or two below with ideas of who you think would make excellent writers, whether they’re veterans of the programme or have never touched science fiction in their lives, for 2011’s ten-part Captain Jack snack on BBC One and Starz.

Patrick Riley


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