Oooo-Weee- Oooo On Six Strings

Guitar amp-makers of Electro-Harmonix have achieved the incredible: they’ve managed to produce an authentic-sounding replication of the original Delia Derbyshire Who theme using their amps!

If you sidle on over this way, you can read all about it and even watch a YouTube demonstration!  According to geek-living blog Walyou,

“[Electro-Harmonix] did not use keyboards, samplers or midi pickups to create those  electronic sounds which are quite surprising indeed.

“You could also learn how to recreate the Doctor Who theme using your  guitar by following their tutorial  link or watching the video (guitar begins at 1:42).

“The recreated  Doctor Who theme eerily resembles the original, and apart from all the  guitar techniques, you might also need some patience to really learn how  to recreate it. Apart from that, it seems like a really exciting thing  to do.”

If you’re a complete guitar virgin like me, who can play bits of Smoke on the Water, badly, and not much else, it may take an ounce more patience than suggested above to make such a realistic-sounding Doctor Who theme.  But if you’re an old pro at the instrument, and have all the right equipment (Electro-Harmonix seems to indicate that they want you to buy theirs), have a go at this and let us know in the comments if you have any success!

Patrick Riley


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