Steven Moffat Is Just Like Us

If you’ve been following Kasterborous this week, then you may know by now of the YouTube interview that Steven Moffat submitted to with his son (armytedd), after the premiere transmission of The Big Bang saw its credits roll.

Doctor Who boss Steven MoffatIt’s probably the best Moffat interview anywhere from the past few months.  Unfortunately, this praise will never reach the Who head’s eyes or ears, because he indicated in the interview that he’s been fasting from Whovian forum and news site access:

“I am very strict that I do not do it now.  I don’t go on the forums, I don’t know what they’re thinking.

“It’s not because they’re stupid, and not because I wouldn’t agree with them.  But because that’s not the voice of the audience. That’s the voice of a very atypical, tiny sliver of the audience and I need to keep the show appealing to a mainstream audience, not to people who are, let’s be honest, a bit like me – obsessed Doctor Who fans.”

Well, folks… for those of you who’ve been hoping the Grand Moff hears all of your suggestions for improving the already-perfect show in the Kasterborous forums, you’re probably disappointed (but by all means, keep posting them!).  At least we can take comfort in knowing that Moffat sees himself as being just like us!  Which fuels hope for any of us who might aspire to be in the head writer’s chair some day.  I can dream, right?

For another fantastic father-son interview with the Moffs, have a look at this delightful one from just before the Matt Smith era began.

(Via Digital Spy)

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