Your Christmas Wish List Is As Follows:

Plastic Daleks, plastic screwdrivers, and lots and lots of plastic Doctors!  You had to be in London at the Christmas in July trade fair a couple of weeks ago to have all your (or your child’s) Season 31 (Series 5) commissioned toy set dreams come true.  If you weren’t there, no matter; Outpost Skaro (registration required) was, and they’ve given us the on-location scoop about what Whovian doodads you and your family members should be buying each other this holiday season!

The Whoniverse presence at the event seemed fairly limited this year, according to Skaro reporter Jaded, but it did include figures of the Doctor, Amy, the Weeping Angels, and Edwin Bracewell, that bloke from Victory of the Daleks who was a bomb; two TARDIS models, one for the inside and one for the outside; and the Kasterborous-previewed RC Battle Daleks (which have got this contributor salivating more and more every day, in spite of their underwhelming redesign from Doctor Who’s most recent run)!

The Doctor Who showcase also featured the Eleventh Doctor’s sonic screwdriver in two variants: regular and projector!  The projector model is a new concept to the Who toy business; the idea is to insert miniature discs of slides into the screwdriver and send your favourite Doctor Who images through the device’s green light to the wall!  All in all it’s a clever scheme that will allow for some of the more imagination-lacking children to be able to do something with their screwdrivers aside from, well, sonicking them.  And as Jaded points out, the projector screwdriver recalls certain memories from the Christmas before last:

“Since the slide images are not much bigger than the head of a pin the images aren’t exactly HD but the effect brought to mind the swirly, blurry multi-doc sequence from The Next Doctor.”

Oh, and speaking of multiple Doctors, the article ended with a cliffhanger, taunting “more to follow,” after giving us a series of glorious images accompanying text that went a little something like this:


It was at this moment I noticed a curtain that billowed slightly in the breeze. I could see the rays of a spotlight dancing at its hem. Looking around I could see the Character Options people were busy getting their Stand in order – putting batteries in the Hamsters, laying out the little body bags for HM Forces, so I slipped behind the curtain…

What was this?


The Eleven Doctor Boxed Set!

We’ll give you Outpost Skaro’s thoughts on this shining crown of toys for 2010 when “more” finally decides to “follow.”  Meanwhile, put your mouse button here for the Kasterborous first look at this geek-seducing eleven-figure box!

Patrick Riley


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