Adric vs the Fourth Doctor

Avid followers of actor Matthew Waterhouse (hello?) may have read in Doctor Who Magazine (ah, there you all are!) that the former TARDIS member has released  a book entitled Blue Box Boy, in which he recalls his time playing Adric in Doctor Who with Tom Baker and Peter Davison as the fourth and fifth Doctors, respectively.

Doctor Who Magazine 424 features interview with Adric actor Matthew WaterhouseAnd as with all revealing books, Matthew has also dished some dirt on his fellow actors; notably he talks of Tom’s final days on the show and what he was like to work with. Apparently one early encounter with Baker didn’t turn out quite the way he expected:

“Suddenly [he] turned to me and barked, ‘why don’t you piss off?’…I was baffled and upset and determined that things would be better by tomorrow.”

Matthew also comments on how Baker’s drinking (in his eyes) affected him on set:

“By five, there were big oval sweat rings under the arms of tom’s thin, white shirt… oddly, the temperamental and nightmarish he had been that day the larger the rings of sweat, as if his own dreadfulness had made him perspire – a weirdly appealing failing.”

According to the Waterhouse, no one was free from Baker’s wrath. Scriptwriters and even Lalla Ward were given grillings from the jelly baby-toting bohemian. However, as bad as Tom could be to his co stars, he always valued the children above all:

“Tom once told me a story about throwing up in a car park. Halfway through, a little boy came up to him and said “Are you Doctor Who?” “Hang on a moment,” said Tom. He then pulled, from the inside pocket of his rain-splashed raincoat, a photograph of himself which he inscribed for the child, who walked away blissfully happy.”

Whilst for some younger readers who have only just got into Doctor Who in the last five years this may be new information, Baker himself has already gone on record many years ago admitting that by the end of his run as the Fourth Doctor, he was incredibly difficult to work with.

It seems that Tom didn’t (and still doesn’t) suffer fools gladly and is happy to speak his mind. How much of this is down to his attitude and how much is caused by the attitudes of the others around him is a matter of debate but for all the joy he’s brought children and adults alike, I think we can let him off for some of it.

You can read the full article at; Blue Box Boy is available to buy now – just £11.99 from Amazon


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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