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“There is an enormous amount of photographic design coming out on merchandising for the new show… I wanted to try and change that if possible.”

“There is an enormous amount of photographic design coming out on merchandising for the new show; I wanted to try and change that if possible.”

A couple of astonishing illustrations posted on the Outpost Gallifrey forums back in 2006 saw Anthony almost head-hunted to begin work on the Series 2 DVD collection. “I was very lucky – I did a piece of Cybermen/Tennant work for Rise of the Cybermen. It hadn’t hit the screens so I just did something off the top of my head and then posted it on Outpost Gallifrey.”

“A very nice chap called Stuart Crouch spotted it and asked if I’d be interested in a commission as he had the same idea as me about bringing some artwork back into the merchandising. I also worked on the set itself, doing a bit of photoshop work with the spreads and the packaging.”

Despite his artistic eloquence portraying David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, Anthony’s favourite era harks back to the 1980s. “I briefly remember Tom Baker, but Davison was the Doctor that made me sit and watch the show religiously. I think it was because he was a younger Doctor maybe, but I really enjoyed his incarnation of the Doctor and I have a lot of fond memories of watching it. Didn’t watch much of Colin Baker but enjoyed the last two seasons of McCoy – and this year’s Who has been very impressive.”

As well as the Doctor Who DVDs, Anthony’s work has also apppeared Doctor Who Adventures: “Until recently the Toclafane beach ball had been knocking around the house. My little nephew and niece loved it! Also did a TARDIS shoe bag, inflatable TARDIS and a set of keyrings/pen tops.”

Then there’s Doctor Who Magazine, with the superb spread to accompany their preview of The Lazarus Experiment back in 2007. “Clayton Hickman gave me a shot for a sprea… he wanted a kind of Marvel comics homage, because of the episode and because of Mark Gatiss’ love of it. I had the fortune of meeting Mark Gatiss the other year, he still has the art on his desktop computer!”

“I also had a stint for the Big Finish previews [in Doctor Who Magazine] for a while too but as usual pressure got a bit too much with me having a full time job so that had to stop after a while.”

More recently, Anthony was involved in the early stages of the cover design for BBC Audiobooks’ Tom Baker-starring Hornet’s Nest project, by Paul Magrs. Unfortunately a serious family illness cut short his involvement, with only concepts and early sketchwork contributed to the project. “Ben Willsher took over and finished them all off. I believe he’s doing them for the next series called Demon Quest. He did a great job on those covers.”

Anthony is planning on developing a new website to showcase all of his work, as well as building a portfolio of non-Doctor Who images. In the meantime, enjoy some of Anthony’s popular Doctor Who illustration in the brief gallery below.

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