Comic Con Exclusives Coming to Stores

Underground Toys, we salute you. Not only have you produce some damn fine action figures for the lost boys that are Doctor Who fans but you also listen to us to! Not even our partners do that!

Doctor Who - The Claws of AxosFor those of us too poor to make it out to Comic Con this year to sample some of the manufactor’s Doctor Who Con exclusives, a limited number of the Eleventh Doctor and Scientist Dalek action figure double packs are being made available from the 18th August in UK Forbidden Planet Stores.

The Doctor is modelled on his appearance in Flesh and Stone, where he lost his trademark jacket and comes with a Sonic Screwdriver accessory while the Scientist Dalek is modelled on the orange ‘Fiat Dalek’ from Victory of the Daleks.

The sets are so rare that there isn’t even a notification on the Forbidden Planet site meaning fans are going to have to sacrifice shoe leather to get one.

One fan commenting on the doctorwhosite said that they had already picked up a set in store for a whopping £79.99! has one of the sets available for $31.00 (about £19.90) which begs the question: What will happen on the 18th and just how much will they sell for?

If that was all bit too expensive for you also released by those cheeky scamps at Underground is The Master & Axon double set. The Master is presented in a spot on likeness of  his first incarnation played by great Roger Delgado from the Third Doctor serial Terror of the Autons.

He also comes in his iconic suit with his Tissue Compression Eliminator weapon accessory and an Axon creature as they appeared together in the adventure The Claws of Axos (Don’t you love the way they take the flaws of some of the monsters costumes and makes them part of their design? It would seem odd if the Axon didn’t look a little ‘baggy’.)

The Master & Axon set will cost £24.99

Both sets are only available to UK and Eire customers.

(Via Underground Toys | Thanks to Carn)


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