Anyone seen Sally Calypso lately? The poor souls stuck in a 60-mile-long traffic jam in China might well expect to…

Doctor Who - Gridlock hologram Sally CalypsoNews reports over the past few days indicate that drivers between the Chinese capital of Beijing and the neighbouring country of Mongolia have been stuck in a massive 10 day long jam. While not to the same fantastic extent as the jam in 2007’s Gridlock, it is certainly a shocking step in that direction.

Doctor Who fans might recall how the Tenth Doctor took companion Martha Jones to the far future in the 2007 episode as part of her first trip in the TARDIS – and found a dystopian nightmare, where the “perfect” world he’d visited with Rose Tyler a few months before had been replaced by a run-down, drug-fuelled, Macra-invested cesspool, where the remaining humans on New Earth travelled a few feet every day in a never-ending traffic jam.

While the vehicle owners outside Beijing might not be at the mercy of Macra if they fly too low, there is every chance the situation could turn nasty.

The Gridlock scenario is just one of several occasions over the past few years in which real life has imitated the art of Doctor Who.


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