Kneel Before Ursa!

While avoiding Cybermats in an indifferent arctic landscape it may have passed you by but a sci-fi luminary was quietly working her way onto the Who radar.

Superman's Sarah Douglas appears in Doctor Who Blood of the CybermenUrsa herself Sarah Douglas (Superman: The Movie and Superman II) lent her vocals to the role of Professor Meadows in Blood of the Cybermen, the middling second episode of the Doctor Who: Adventure Games series.

It’s a fact that writer James Moran (Doctor Who, Torchwood) has been shouting about on his latest blog post:

Also, not many people have picked up on this, but one of the characters in Blood of the Cybermen is voiced by Ursa herself, the fantastic Sarah Douglas. Yes! I know!

Douglas, apart from being one of General Zod’s henchmen has had a wild and varied career spanning from Conan the Destroyer to an episode of Bergerac. Like most geeks of a certain age however, she will always be Ursa (All together now: “I told you this was a puny planet.”)

As well as geeking out, Moran took the time to praise the new writing staff for Torchwood: The New World.

I’m ridiculously excited to see that Jane Espenson, Doris Egan, John Fay, and John Shiban are the writing team for the new season of Torchwood, with Russell writing and showrunning. They’re all brilliant, and I can’t wait to see what Jane Espenson does, I adore her writing.

Espenson, for those who don’t know,  is a card carrying, genre genius, penning episodes and co-executive producing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as writing episodes of Firefly and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Tremble at her credentials…so to speak.

Moran has also set the record straight on his involvement in the fifth series of Doctor Who:

People are *still* asking if I wrote an episode for season 5 of Doctor Who, despite the fact that the series is now over and a quick Google would give them the answer faster than asking me. No, I didn’t, by the way. Although The Adventure Games are canon and considered part of season 5, so I suppose, technically, I did. But not one of the TV episodes. I don’t know about season 6 yet, or 7, or 8, or any of the others.

While it may appear like a bit of a rant; Moran also goes on to list his various projects that he IS involved in including the frankly fantastic sounding Cockney’s Vs Zombies.

For more penmanship click here.

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