RTD: Old Torchwood “Cute”

Speaking to SFX Magazine recently, Russell T Davies declared that Torchwood Series 1 and 2 were “cute”, and that the changes made in Children of Earth were here to stay.

Russell T Davies and friendThe following words from RTD about Torchwood Series 4 and why Children of Earth was a success might raise a few unhappy memories from long term Torchwood fans:

“Children of Earth worked because it demoted Torchwood – they have no power, they have no status within society. From being all-powerful they became terrorists on the run, practically, and that’s still how it’s all gonna work now.

“I loved the show when it was the Hub and SUV: the cuteness of that, the madness of that, riding around Cardiff with old women saying ‘Bloody Torchwood’…!”

So many of Torchwood’s initial fans were seduced by the charm of the Hub, the SUV, Tosh’s shyness and Owen’s “sleeping about” as much as they were by the growing Jack and Ianto relationship.  However it has long been the contention of Kasterborous that Torchwood Series 1 and 2 were aimed not at adults as claimed, but at teenagers.

In Children of Earth, this changed – and the third series of Torchwood worked. Torchwood Series 4 should work too.


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