Rule No. 1: The Grand Moff Lies

This is probably less news and more trivia, but Steven Moffat has divulged an impossibly small piece of information regarding the casting of Sir Michael Gambon in the ever-fast-approaching Christmas special (less than five months away!):
Doctor Who guest and Dumbledore actor Michael Gambon

“We sent him a script, asked him to do it, and he said, ‘Yes.’  Simple as that.”

But was it a resounding “YES!” or was it a mere “Yes, okay, I suppose I’ll do it?”  Just what is Gambon’s opinion of Doctor Who?  Moffat shed some light:

“I didn’t get the impression that he was a fan of ‘Doctor Who,’ except insofar as everyone in Britain is at the moment, but it’s really…with these guys, send them a good part and there’s a really stonking chance they’ll do it.

“I mean, if it’s a good script…and you think it is…they’re being offered prime-time on Christmas day, really, so there’s a real chance you can get anyone for that.

“But it’s very exciting.  He’s brilliant.  Of course he’s brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.  What a voice.”

The interviewer, Premium Hollywood‘s Will Harris, then decided to try and weed out of the Grand Moff some clues as to what we can expect for a plot this 25th December, via the “Orient Express in Space” teaser from the end of The Big Bang.  The Exec’s response?

“[What] you have to keep in mind that I genuinely lie. I do. I actively lie to people about what’s going to happen in ‘Doctor Who.’ I’m not officially employed with the BBC. I can say any old thing I like. Even if I told you something, there’s no guarantee that it’s true. Disinformation and the white noise of nonsense is how we get through this!”

Something tells me that Steven may someday appear out of thin air right before our eyes with a vortex manipulator and fake his own death, leaving a fez and a stone Dalek to distract us while he wires himself to a Pandorica.  Hey, it can happen!

The big question is, will the Orient Express appear at all, now that Moffat has confirmed that he stretches the truth?  It seems we’ll just have to wait on that one!

For the scoop on Gambon’s character in Who, check out Mez Burdett’s Ssshh… Christmas Special Spoilers.  As the title suggests, don’t click that link if you want every detail about the episode to be a complete surprise!

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