TARDIS Mailbox

What does a powerful Time Lord do when he gets an overload of fan mail through the TARDIS letterbox? He turns to the only person he could do, his mother!

Doctor Who star Matt SmithMatt Smiths mother Lynne Smith has talked to the Northampton Chronicle and Echo revealing that she helps out the actor’s fan mail when he returns to the family home when he’s not acting.

Lynne explained:

“Matt is really pleased and proud I have taken this on but obviously it is harder because when I see Matt I usually have a felt tip pen and 1,000 cards for him to sign. Every card that is sent out is personally signed by Matt and I think it is important to have that personal touch… all I do is handle the signed autograph requests, all the fan mail goes to the BBC or his agent and it comes to a PO Box number to be picked up every week.”

As you can imagine, Matt is swamped with letters from fans of all ages, ranging from school children right up to adults in their 90’s! Lynne spoke about Matt’s appeal to the different generations of fans:

“I think the older generations perhaps go to the theatre and appreciate his acting skills. But there is a new audience coming along who liked the character and moments such as in the first episode when he has fish fingers and custard.”

Lynne also mentioned that some of the fans want to follow in Matt’s footsteps by being actors and some just want to spend time with their favourite of Doctors:

“A lot of the letters have been really aspirational, a lot of people want to be actors, then you get the letters from five or six-year-olds asking if he can come to their house for tea. He gets lots of invitations to fetes and schools and obviously he can’t go to all of these”.

This was bound to happen as not only is Matt playing one of the most well known and popular roles on television but he is also extremely good at it. The newspaper asked how the family were coping with his new found fame:

“I have been completely surprised by it all. The problem is that, because he is my son, you don’t think there will be all these people writing in, but I have been overwhelmed by the support for him…I don’t mean that to sound silly, that is just how I feel. I have to separate Matthew as Matthew and the Doctor as the Doctor. He is our son, but also the 11th Doctor…

“It does affect you in the way that, when we are out with him, people will come up for autographs and pictures and, from that point of view, our level of privacy is probably different; but it is not me and my husband they are interested in, it is Matthew.”

If Matt keeps producing amazing performances as he did for the 2010 series of Doctor Who then his family are going to need a few more PO Box’s for the years to come!


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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