Terminator, Aliens, and Bernice!

Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow’s the big day!  No, Sarah Jane isn’t back just yet, and no, the Doctor Who Christmas special isn’t coming four months early.  Tonight, you can watch the next Big Finish adventure (yes, I said watch, not just hear): Bernice Summerfield: Dead and Buried!  We asked the project’s animator, Alex Mallinson, if he could give us any clues as to what amazing or unfortunate happenings might occur next for our archaeologist heroine, and this is what he had to say:
Bernice Summerfield Big Finish animation

“I always feel that movie trailers tend to show the whole story these days and John [Ainsworth] was keen to keep as much of it under wraps as possible. You’ll have to watch it to see. I will say this, it’s at least part homage to my favourite action films so there are cheeky elements of Terminator and Aliens in there.”

And don’t worry if you’ve never read nor heard any of Benny’s adventures alone or with the Seventh Doctor before.  According to Alex, the ten-minute short is the perfect place to begin your new life with Bernice!

Dead and Buried is designed to be both a prologue to [the upcoming audio Episode 11.1] Resurrecting the Past and a general introduction to the world of Benny so casual viewers won’t be alienated. Eddie [Robson] and John have ensured it all works on several levels.”

Catch the complete version of our chat with Alex tomorrow (after you watch Dead and Buried, tonight, of course)!  If you’re absolutely starving for more, here’s the trailer!  That should hold you till dinner – but if not, don’t forget our short gallery of images!

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