Time Leech Scripts!

Better late than never! As part of the Time Leech project – and to clear the boards for the upcoming Ghost Train (more on that later!) we’re publishing the final draft of the scripts used by Justin Abbot, Colin Brockhurst and Rick Lundeen to illustrate and letter the strips.

Doctor Who - The Time Leech!The Time Leech arc was scripted by Christian Cawley, from a story by Christian and Brian A. Terranova. Part one was also edited by former Doctor Who Magazine editor John Freeman.

Long-term readers and purchasers of Vworp Vworp! #1 will know that Time Leech part 1 appeared in the stellar pro/fanzine earlier this year. (Incidentally I was made up to see a copy of Vworp Vworp! #1 in the Middlesbrough branch of Forbidden Planet last week; 5 copies bought in, 4 sold!)

Time Leech continued on Kasterborous with the space-bound sci-fi horror story Hellstar before returning to earth with Time Bomb, the story in which the Doctor discovered the truth about Ruth and the Time Leech while preventing an army of Daleks from conquering Earth history!

(If you think that sounds good, you should have seen the episodes we didn’t write!)

So – to the scripts! These are the final versions for each instalment, and feature some on-screen markup/highlighting. (Scripts are in PDF version; suitable reader required.)

  1. Time Leech
  2. Hellstar
  3. Time Bomb

As promised above, more on Ghost Train. Originally conceived as an entry into the Big Finish audio competition recently (see here for the slightly flat entry), it has been comprehensively re-imagined and is currently in development for our next quest to find a comic strip illustrator!

And that really is as much as I can say for now – in the meantime, enjoy the scripts in any way you can.


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