Torchwood: “Digital Weapon”?

We at Kasterborous love a bit of ‘chin stroking’ about our TV crushes but Pop Matters have out done us.

Tochwood comic featuring story by John BarrowmanIn celebrating the launch of Torchwood #1 at Comic Con 2010 (featuring The Selkie, a story penned by John and Carole E. Barrowman and Broken by Script Editor Gary Russell) the website has rather sickeningly called John Barrowman:  ‘The Face That Launched a Thousand Stories’

Citing Russell T. Davies’ quote to Entertainment Weekly that other mediums were the ‘digital weaponary’ of Torchwood, as it shifted and changed to meet storytelling demands, the website has made the actors association and love of the role of (Group) Captain Jack the bridge between old fans and new ones, starving for their first fix of Torchwood, commenting:

“They clearly identify and link actor with character. Above the title and stern-looking illustration of Captain Jack is the actor’s name. The advert reports “John Barrowman brings you Torchwood the Official Comic.” The line is accurate — the “Selkie” story comes from John and Carole Barrowman — but the implication is much stronger.

“The advert visually claims that Torchwood = Captain Jack, and Captain Jack = John Barrowman. Ergo, the advertisement implies, Torchwood equals Barrowman.”

It is a compelling argument; you only have to look at TV of yesteryear to see a slew of stars associated with a certain show; Mr. T, Lou Ferrigno, Peter Faulk etc.  Where it falls down is in its hyperbole; take the following:

“With the highly publicized Torchwood #1, Captain Jack becomes more marketable as a hero and an image directed toward a specific comic book audience who may or may not have discovered Torchwood via another medium.”

“Why anyone would invest in an entire run of writing, inking and printing a comic book solely to test ‘how much more of a hero can we make him?”

Seems a little odd.

To use their maths: comic book + lead character = instant hero. Its a little reductive to say that comics naturally breed heroes.

True, an actor penned comic book does bridge the assiociation between show and other spin-offs but who would be that  ‘specific comic book audience’  Well they’d be Torchwood fans.  Would you as a non-Torchwood/Barrowman fan pick up a comic ‘written by the man who hosts Tonight’s the Night’ ?

Torchwood #1 is released on 10 August and is a timely reminder of what the show was and a holding gap for fans eagerly awaiting the new series next Summer.

(via Pop Matters)


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