A Carnival of Monsters!

Doctor Who Live - the Cybermen!

SFX have spoken to three key members of the Doctor Who Live team – and a fair few interesting facts have emerged.

First of all, there’s the one that you might have either guessed already or heard about – that the storyline of the Doctor Who show has its roots in a classic Jon Pertwee era adventure…

Director (and Tweenies creator) Will Brenton revealed:

“So we’ve created a brand new Doctor Who character – called Vorgenson [to be played by Nigel Planer], but it is a character who grows out of previous Doctor Who story, called ‘Carnival Of Monsters’. All of its genealogy grows out of that episode. And the fans who spotted that reference will enjoy how it happens.

“It’s taken what happened in that episode and moved it on, and updated it and had some fun with it as well.”

The genius of Robert Holmes continues to be felt in Doctor Who! Carnival of Monsters originally aired in1973 and starred Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor with Katy Manning as Jo Grant, and guest starred Ian Marter as Lt Andrews (several months before he was cast as companion Harry Sullivan), Tenniel Evans as Major Daly, original Davros actor Michael Wisher as another space fascist, Kalik, as well as Leslie Dwyer as Vorg, the Miniscope-owning showman.

It’s a pretty exhasutive interview with Brenton – he covers the scale of the show (which takes place on a “thrust stage”) as well as revealing that there is both an interval and a cliffhanger, the show runs for 80 minutes, there are “a lot of costume changes, characters, surprises…” and Matt Smith appears for much more than the five or six minutes Brenton had originally expected.

Find out more about Doctor Who Live at www.doctorwholive.co.uk.

Meanwhile, tickets for Doctor Who Live start at £38.50 (there are cheaper options at £34.50 or £25.00) – you can book for any of the nine venues here at Ticketmaster!


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